Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Favorite Falafel Salad

When the weather gets hot, I usually just eat a large salad for dinner, with lost of greens, veggies, and beans. For a change this week, I tried out the My Favorite Falafel recipe on Epicurious, substituting the falafels for my usual beans. I made the falafels with soaked, uncooked chickpeas, as called for in the recipe, and cooked the falafels using olive oil spray in a skillet instead of frying them. I also used chickpea flour for the flour. The results were delicious. I think I ate 4 falafels before they made it to the table. Next time I will definitely make several batches at once. I used the leftovers for falafel sandwiches this week.


LisaRene said...

Glad to know that your technique of cooking the falafel worked well. I'll tell you a technique that doesn't - a while back I made some falafel and decided to cook them on my George Foreman grill. I have cooked bean cakes and rice cakes and similar on the grill many times over with no problem. I was thinking the falafel would cook just like a bean cake. The result was a falafel pancake! It was kind of funny when I lifted the lid and there was this smushed flat pancake :(

Kelleen said...

Thanks for the tip! I definitely won't try it on my George Foreman but I am thinking about baking them in the oven next time to see how they turn out.